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Your Voice Matters

October 1, 2023/

At the APC, we believe that progress is a collaborative effort. We invite all Sierra Leoneans to join us in shaping the future of our nation. Share your thoughts, ideas, and concerns with us. Together, we can build a Sierra Leone that we are all…

Environmental Sustainability

October 1, 2023/

Protecting Our Natural Heritage Sierra Leone’s natural beauty and resources are invaluable. The APC is dedicated to sustainable environmental practices and conservation efforts to protect our unique ecosystems for future generations.

Economic Growth and Job Creation

October 1, 2023/

Stimulating Economic Opportunities To stimulate economic growth and job creation, the APC is rolling out a series of measures to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), attract investments, and create a conducive business environment. Our goal is to foster economic resilience and reduce unemployment.

Investing in Healthcare Infrastructure

October 1, 2023/

Healthcare for All Healthcare is a fundamental right, and the APC is committed to ensuring that every Sierra Leonean has access to quality medical services. We are embarking on an ambitious plan to invest in healthcare infrastructure, modernize facilities, and enhance healthcare delivery across the…

Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow

September 30, 2023/

Youth Empowerment Program The APC is proud to announce the launch of a comprehensive Youth Empowerment Program designed to provide opportunities and resources for Sierra Leone’s young people. Through skills development, entrepreneurship support, and education initiatives, we aim to equip our youth with the tools…

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